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Stadia Sports Medicine | Presidential Family Forum

Stadia Sports Medicine

Stadia Sports Medicine, established in 2006, is Des Moines’ original Sports Medicine practice.  We distinguish our practice from traditional orthopedic practices in several ways.  First, patient appointments are long enough to fully evaluate the underlying problem.  Often this can serve as the basis for an individualized home exercise program, avoiding the need for formal physical therapy.  At Stadia, physician and physical therapist work collaboratively in the same office, allowing more thorough and rapid communication by the treatment team about a given patient’s progress.  We offer a complete array of treatment options for non-operative management of osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal problems, incorporating the latest in medical technology.  We also offer diagnostic testing for exercise- induced asthma, effectively manage concussion injury and can do in-office athletic performance testing.  Most importantly, we are a family-run, Iowa business, and are fully invested in our patients and their needs.  We are not a “big box” practice, and don’t desire to be.  Instead, we want to be your local option for a Sports Medicine concierge practice that understands your desire to stay active and will do what is necessary to achieve that goal.