Yasha Ministries

Since the spring of 2013 Yasha has been a house of Healing, Worship and Prayer.
Yasha is a place to experience the healing only Jesus can provide.
Yasha is a place to pray and worship and learn how to be a lover of Jesus.
Yasha is a place to be equipped to minister to the saved and the Lost.
Yasha is a place to exercise spiritual gifts in an atmosphere of love for Jesus and for the Kingdom of God.
Yasha is a place to soak in the presence of Jesus.
Yasha is a place to pray for pastors and The Church in this region.
Yasha is a call to the Church in Siouxland to WAKE UP and join in the battle that is being waged for the souls of men and women in this region…God wants to save our families and our neighbors, our co-workers and total strangers that sleep under the bridge, people that huddle hungry in apartments and ethnic groups from all over the world that now call this region home!  He wants to use us, His Bride, to invite them into fellowship with God through the provision Jesus made for them when He paid the price for their sins on the cross at Calvary.